12.3 Areas
The concept of an area is used to give semantics to flow objects. The result of formatting a flow object other than the root flow object is a sequence of areas. The nature of these areas is not fully specified by this International Standard.  An area is a rectangular box with a fixed width and height. An area is also a specification of a set of marks that can be imaged on a presentation medium. An area may contain other areas. In particular, an area may contain a glyph. Information may be attached to areas depending on the flow object that produced the area and the context in which it is to be used. Areas are of two types: display areas and inline areas. Each type of area is placed in a different way. For an illustration of the concept of displayed and inlined areas, see Figure 4, Displayed and Inlined Areas.
12.3.1 Display Areas
12.3.2 Inline Areas
12.3.3 Inlined and Displayed Flow Objects
12.3.4 Attachment Areas