7 DSSSL Specifications
A DSSSL specification is an SGML document conforming to the DSSSL document architecture.  The DSSSL document architecture is a document architecture conforming to the Architectural Form Definition Requirements of ISO/IEC 10744.
An SGML document can declare its conformance to the DSSSL document architecture by including a token ArcBase in the APPINFO parameter of its SGML declaration and the following declarations in its DTD:
<?ArcBase DSSSL>
                   DSSSL Architecture Definition Document//EN"
                -- A document architecture conforming to the
                   Architectural Form Definition Requirements of
                   ISO/IEC 10744.     --
                            -- Support attributes for all architectures --
                   ArcFormA -- Attribute name: architectural form --
                            NAME     #FIXED DSSSL
                   ArcNamrA -- Attribute name: attribute renamer --
                            NAME     #FIXED DNames
                   ArcBridA -- Attribute name: bridge functions --
                            NAME     #FIXED DBrid
                   ArcDocF  -- Architectural form name: document element --
                            CDATA     #FIXED dsssl-specification
                   ArcVer   -- Architecture version identifier --
                            CDATA    #FIXED "ISO/IEC 10179:1996"