12.5.5 Glyph Identifiers
Glyph identifiers are represented by objects of type glyph-id.
(glyph-id? obj)
Returns #t if obj is a glyph-id, and otherwise returns #f.
(glyph-id string)
Returns a glyph-id with public identifier string.
[186] glyph-identifier = afii-glyph-identifier
[187] afii-glyph-identifier = #Adigit-10+
An afii-glyph-identifier is a single token; therefore, no whitespace is allowed between the #A and the digits. An afii-glyph-identifier represents the glyph-id returned by
(glyph-id "ISO/IEC 10036/RA//Glyphs::n")
where n is the same sequence of digits occurring in the afii-glyph-identifier with leading zeros removed.  The value represented by the digits shall be between 1 and 232-1.