12.6.7 Paragraph-break Flow Object Class
Paragraph-break flow objects can be used to make a paragraph flow object represent a sequence of paragraphs.  The paragraphs are separated by paragraph-break flow objects, which are atomic.  Paragraph-break flow objects are allowed only in paragraph flow objects.  All the characteristics that are applicable to a paragraph flow object are also applicable to a paragraph-break flow object.  The characteristics of a paragraph-break flow object determine how the portion of the content of the paragraph flow object following that paragraph-break flow object up to the next paragraph-break flow object, if any, is formatted.


The paragraph-break flow object inherits from its containing paragraph flow object in the usual way.
The first-line-start-indent: characteristic is applicable to the line following a paragraph-break flow object, and the last-line-end-indent: characteristic is applicable to the line preceding a paragraph-break flow object.


It is recommended that paragraph-break flow objects be used only if there is no other way of specifying the desired formatting.