7.1.6 Baseset Encoding
The baseset-encoding element type form specifies how bit combinations in an SGML document whose meaning was declared in the SGML declaration to be that of a character number in a base character set are to be converted to characters.
The content of a baseset-encoding element shall consist of a list of pairs of corresponding character numbers, specified in decimal, and character names.  It specifies the character names corresponding to character numbers in the character set whose public identifier is given by the name characteristic.
Conflicts between baseset-encoding elements are resolved separately for each character number. There can be multiple baseset-encoding elements for the same base character set, but it shall be an error to have two specifications for the same character number in the same base character set in a single part.
<baseset-encoding name="Character set for the Viking age runic script">
31 runic-f
32 runic-u