10.1.3 Named Node Lists
(named-node-list? obj)
Returns #t if obj is a named-node-list and otherwise returns #f.
(named-node string nnl)
Returns a singleton node-list comprising the node in nnl whose name is string, if there is such a node, and otherwise returns the empty node-list. string is normalized according to the string normalization rule associated with nnl before being compared to the names of the members of nnl.
(named-node-list-normalize string nnl symbol)
Returns string normalized according to the normalization rule of the named node list nnl applicable to nodes of class symbol.
(named-node-list-names nnl)
Returns a list of the names of the members of nnl in the same order as nnl.  The result shall be a list of strings with the same number of members as nnl.