10.3.4 Regular Expression Searching Procedures
The procedures in this clause use regexp objects to create a new auxiliary grove using the Regular Expression Property Set as follows:.
<propset psn=regexp fullnm="Regular Expression Property Set">
<classdef rcsnm=root conprop=groups sd=DSSSL>
The root of the grove.
<propdef rcsnm=groups datatype=nodelist ac=group sd=DSSSL>
<classdef rcsnm=group sd=DSSSL>
(regexp-search nl regexp)
Returns a new auxiliary grove built using the regexp property set. The grove contains one group node for each sublist of nl that matches regexp with respect to nl. The source property of each group node contain the nodes in the matching sublist.


The source property is an intrinsic property of every node in an auxiliary grove.
(regexp-search-disjoint nl regexp)
This is the same as regexp-search except that the sublists are disjoint.  When two sublists overlap, if one sublist has a member that occurs in nl before all members of the other sublist, then the first sublist is preferred.  If one sublist contains another sublist as a proper sublist, then the containing sublist is preferred.