12 Style Language
This clause describes the DSSSL style language.  Syntactically, the style language is a data content notation, as defined in ISO 8879. The content of an element in this notation is parsed as a style-language-body.
[159] style-language-body = unit-declaration* | definition* | construction-rule* | mode-construction-rule-group* | application-flow-object-class-declaration* | application-characteristic-declaration* | application-char-characteristic+property-declaration* | initial-value-declaration* | reference-value-type-declaration* | page-model-definition* | column-set-model-definition* | added-char-properties-declaration* | character-property-declaration* | language-definition* | default-language-declaration?
The style language described in this International Standard uses the core expression language described in section 8.6, Core Expression Language or, optionally, the full expression language described in clause section 8, Expression Language, and the core query language described in section 10.2.4, Core Query Language or, optionally, the full query language (SDQL) described in clause section 10, Standard Document Query Language.
[160] style-language-expression = make-expression | style-expression | with-mode-expression
Within a style-language-body, an expression may be a style-language-expression.


A style-expression is used to specify the values for inherited characteristics.